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Earth Broke The Record For The Shortest Day Since Atomic Clocks Were Invented

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You're correct if you feel like there's less time in the day.

Scientists have recorded the shortest day on Earth ever since the invention of the atomic clock.

According to the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service, our planet's rotation was 1.59 milliseconds slower than the previous 24-hour day.

Rotation is the time it takes for the Earth to spin on its axis once. It is approximately 84,600 seconds.

The previous record was set on July 19, 2020. It measured 1.47 milliseconds less than usual.

Earth is now rotating faster; a leap second would need to be taken away to catch our timekeeping up with Earth's increasing rotational speed, McCarthy (Retired director for the time at the US Naval Observatory) stated.

He said that if the planet's rotational trend continues, then the removal of a leap second won't likely need to occur for three to four more years.