EA Launches Anti Cheat System With FIFA 23 For PC Games

Electronic Arts (EA), to protect EA games against tampering or cheaters, has announced EA AntiCheat (EAAC) for PC games this fall.

EAAC is an anti-cheat kernel-mode and anti-tamper solution that Electronic Arts has developed.

Elise Murphy, Senior Director, Game Security and Anti-Cheat, stated in a blog post, 

 "At Electronic Arts, we are committed to creating safe and fair experiences for all of our customers."

Murphy said that PC cheat developers are increasingly moving into the kernel. 

Therefore, kernel-mode protections are necessary to ensure fair play and to tackle PC cheat developers on an equal playing field. 

The platform claims that third-party anti-cheat solutions can be opaque to its teams and 

Prevent them from implementing privacy controls or customizations to provide more detail for EA-specific game mode modes.

"With EAAC, we have full-stack ownership of the security/privacy posture so that we can address security issues as soon as they arise. 

Murphy stated that this is a good place to start. For games with many online modes, such as FIFA 23, which are competitive, kernel-level anti-cheat is required.

The platform stated that cheat programs could hide their cheat from anti-cheat solutions in user mode if they operate in kernel space.