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Donald Trump’s Truth Social Banned From Google Play Store.

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Truth Social, the Twitter competitor developed by Trump Media and Technology Group, is not available on the Google Play store. 

Google stated that the app is not equipped with adequate mechanisms for moderating user-generated content, which violates the terms of service for the store.

On August. 19th, we informed Truth Social of several violations of their standard policies in their application submission. 

We reiterated that effective mechanisms for moderating users' content is a requirement of our terms of service

To allow any app to be approved in Google Play," the tech company informed reporters via a press release.

The limitation means Android users, which comprise 44 percent of the smartphone owners within the U.S., can't download the application. 

Google won't let the app be released until the content issues are fixed. 

Truth Social acknowledged Google's concerns and promised to investigate the issues, as per Axios.