Donald Trump: 'I Could Have Made Elon Musk Drop To His Knees And Made Him Beg For Help'

The conflict between Elon Musk and former President Donald Trump is getting more intense and becoming increasingly bizarre.

Trump responded on Tuesday evening to a series of tweets sent by Tesla CEO on Monday, encouraging him to end his political career.

Musk declared via Twitter, "I don't hate Trump, but it's time for Trump to hang up his hat and sail into the sunset." 

"Dems also need to call off the attack - don't make it, so Trump's only chance to survive is to regain his Presidency."

It's not surprising that the ex-president didn't like the insult. He took to Truth Social, his right-wing social network, and attacked Musk.

It referenced one of the many visits Tesla CEO had made to the White House during his presidency.

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The ex-president seemed to enjoy Tuesday's Musk news. Twitter is suing him, alleging that his contract to buy the company was not honored.

"Now Elon should concentrate on getting out of Twitter's mess because he could owe $44 Billion for something that is perhaps worthless. There is also a lot of competition for electric vehicles!

Musk responded to Trump's jabs on Twitter late Tuesday night. He wrote: "Lmaooo," while also tweeting a Simpsons GIF about "Old Man Yells At Cloud."