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Dogecoin Gets One More Big Fan: Mark Cuban After Elon Musk

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Mark Cuban, an American billionaire entrepreneur who is also a television personality, shows interest in Dogecoin.

We all know Elon Musk's love for the meme crypto Dogecoin.  He isn't the only one who finds DOGE fascinating. 

Mark Cuban, an American billionaire entrepreneur and television personality, joined the Altcoin Daily Podcast to have a long, informative conversation about crypto.

When discussing the differences between Dogecoin and Cardano, Mark Cuban stated that the problem with distorted market capitals is not just a Cardano issue. 

He pointed out Dogecoin's market cap of $9.3 Billion and Shiba Inu's market cap of $6.7 Billion.

Cuban stated that DOGE still has more potential applications than Cardano.

He further added that Cardano's opportunity is more significant until Dogecoin becomes an application platform.

He said, "It's still business." "Regardless of what you do, what it says, how you position or what market cap you have, there must be something there.