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Elon Musk Says 'AI Will Overtake Humans In Five Years' 

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In a further warning about Artificial Intelligence, Elon Musk said that AI will likely surpass humans within five years. 

Musk said AI will be far more intelligent than humans and could reach the human race by 2025.

"But this doesn't mean all goes to hell within five years. It's more that things can get strange or unstable," 

Musk said in an interview with the New York Times. Musk also claimed that things would get strange when computers are smarter than humans.

He said that his top concern is Google's DeepMind. 

"Just how powerful the artificial intelligence they're creating is a complete saboteur of humans in any game," he said in the interview.

A staunch proponent of AI taking over humanity repeatedly stated that AI will wipe out humanity in due course, without ever thinking about it.

In his speech at the South by Southwest (SXSW) tech conference in Austin, Texas, he stated that AI is riskier than nuclear weapons and that there isn't an oversight body to regulate its development is simply insane.

He's even called AI an evil dictatorship and claimed that humans could be killed; for AI, there will be no death. 

Instead, AI will be around forever. "And then you'd be an immortal dictator from whom we'll never be free," he had said.