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Do Whatever You Can But You Can't Find The 2nd Animal In This Optical Illusion _ Just Try Out!

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In the video given in the next slide, can you identify another animal? If yes, You have a very high IQ. If not, check out the answers at the end.

Video credits: JJEvans

"This one was a challenge for me! No hints!" The creator put this as the caption of the video.

Commenters made various guesses and tried hard to find and believe them true. "A Wolf," wrote one person.

"Looks like a fish to me," said another. "Snake along with a rabbit," added another.

Did you find the second animal? If yes, Congrats.  If not, Please check out the answer from the next slide.

The second animal in the image is horse.  Some of you might say What? How? Just see the image given in the next slide