The DJI Mini 3 Pro drone has received a new firmware version. It will fix the QuickTransfer problem that many users are experiencing.

QuickTransfer allows DJI drone owners to quickly transfer photos or videos from the Fly app to their mobile devices via Wi-Fi.

QuickTransfer will enable you to access the Mini 3 Pro album in DJI Fly app from your mobile device without having to connect to the remote controller. You can also download photos at up to 30 Mb/s.

Many Mini 3 Pro users complain that the feature does not work on Android and iOS devices. Although temporary solutions have been found, users are frustrated by the bug.

DJI quickly released a firmware update for the Mini 3 Pro, v01.00.0150.

Although QuickTransfer is not addressed in the release notes, it states that the update will "optimize QuickTransfer to operate in a low power state" and "prolong QuickTransfer's usage time."

The new firmware automatically turns off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to protect the image transmission signal quality in flight. QuickTransfer should be enabled with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.

To see the latest firmware changes, you'll need to update the DJI RC and DJI Fly apps to v01.00.0300. The DJI RC-1 remote controller does not need to be updated.