Ever seen mind-boggling photos or videos that left your brain boggled? 

These images and videos are known as optical illusions. Optical illusions refer to images or videos that the brain perceives differently than reality. 

The Instagram account 'My Human and Me" shared a video which made viewers confused and scared. The video is given in the last slide.

It looks like someone threw the dog from the plane. Many netizens felt scared, but then felt relieved when they saw the video. 

One person wrote that he felt scared and said, "Oh my God, I just had an attack, when he saw just 2 seconds of that video.

While another said, "I thought he was being thrown off a plane, I was so afraid". 

One Instagram user wrote, "In the beginning, it looked like you were throwing him out into space." Another person commented, "I thought they were out of space." Check out the video in the next slide.