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Dell’s XPS 13 Plus Is The First Laptop Certified For Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

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Ten years after launching the first combination of Linux preinstalled on a business laptop and Project Sputnik, Dell and Canonical announced that the XPS 13 Plus is the first OEM PC to be certified for Ubuntu 22.04 Long-Term Support (LTS). 

This makes it simple to have a functional PC without worrying about whether every component is compatible with Linux.

The Linux-equipped Developer Edition laptop models are already available, priced at $1,289.00; however, they are currently shipped with the old 20.04 LTS software. 

The certified devices have been lab tested to ensure compatibility with every component. This means that your device will have the correct drivers to ensure that all its features function correctly. 

Long-term support releases provide what's stated on the package and the final date for the standard Support for this model set in 2027 and the expiration of Support in 2032.

Today, Dell provides Ubuntu on other models and versions of the XPS line, such as its revamped XPS 13 Standard Bearer. 

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS package Ubuntu 22.04 LTS package was officially released on April 21st and came with a lengthy list of enhancements that you can review here. 

These include improved energy management, new touchpad gestures, and enhanced compatibility with Bluetooth headphones.

According to Dell, if you'd like to get the XPS 13 Plus and its "capacitive row with touch functions" installed with a hardware-optimized version of 22.04, There are several ways to allow this to happen. 

One is to buy the new XPS 13 Plus laptop and expect it to be delivered in August. If you're running out of time (and do a backup regardless), then you can do an upgrade and be ready to go. 

Another option is to hold off until August 4th, when Ubuntu 22.04.1 is available, activating the upgrade process for all LTS users. This will allow you to perform as little work as you can.