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What Is A Decentralized Identity? - A Quick Introduction For All

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A decentralized identity is a self-owned, independent identity that securely allows the exchange of data. 

Decentralized identity is a relatively new Web3 concept based on a trust-based framework for managing identity. 

This type of decentralized identity management consists of an identity management approach and access administration 

that permits individuals to create, and manage their personally identifiable information (PII) without the need for a significant third party such as an identity provider, registry and certification authority.

As sensitive and private data, PII refers to the amount of information about people that directly or indirectly identify them. 

It typically combines names and addresses, age biometrics, citizenship, credit card account information, employment credit history, etc. 

With a decentralized identity, users have control over their personal PII and only provide details required to be confirmed. 

Decentralized identity management provides an identity trust framework that lets people, businesses and even things interact transparently and securely.