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100+ Machine Learning And Data Science Cheat Sheets (Updated Edition Along With PDF)

Data Science & ML Cheat sheet (Updated for 2022)

In this cheat sheet, you'll see python and R codes for popular machine learning algorithms

Machine Learning Algorithms (Python & R Codes)

This cheat sheet will help you to learn a lot about data exploration in python using numpy, pandas, etc

Data Exploration In Python - Cheat Sheet

A Mostly Complete Chart of Neural Networks. Visualize 40+ Neural Networks using this chart.

Neural Networks Architectures - Cheats

In this cheat, you'll find essential info about histogram, bar chart, box plot, scatter plot, etc.

Data Visualization In  R - Cheatsheet

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Data Exploration In  R - Cheat Sheet

In this cheat, You will find classification of 11 machine learning algorithms and its types. 

Machine Learning Algorithms Summary

In this cheat, You'll find important information related to data frame, reading and writing data, etc 

Data Exploration  Using Pandas Cheats

This cheat is divided into two parts, first is Data Science with Python Workflow and resources for special topics in data science.

Data Science With Python Cheat Sheet

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