Customize Twitter As You Wish: Pay Twitter And Remove Space Button 

Twitter Blue now allows Android subscribers to customize the app's navigation bars. This feature is currently only available on iOS. 

It allows you to remove the Spaces icon from the middle of your navigation bar. You can also remove any other tabs if desired.

You can customize navigation to reduce the number of tabs displayed to as little as two or keep all five that are default. 

This is useful if you don't want to scroll over the Spaces tab to see your DMs and notifications. 

Twitter launched the Spaces tab for Android last May after testing it on iOS. It was a great way to give users frustrated with the Spaces tab a reason to sign-up for the $2.99/month Blue subscription.

Blue cannot save us all the features that clutter up the app. For example, Twitter announced last week that it will include more information in the banner showing active Spaces at the top of your timeline. 

Although there isn't an option to disable this banner (neither for Blue subscribers nor free), it will now show who hosts the Space and who shared a tweet about it.