Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a multi-year marketing partnership with Binance crypto company. The deal was announced today and will include multiple Ronaldo NFT collection releases.

Ronaldo announced Thursday that he would be joining forces to offer the chance for him to purchase an iconic piece in sports history.

The first NFTs Ronaldo has created for Binance will be available later in the year. NFTs, tokens based on blockchain technology that allows you to show ownership of digital and physical assets, can be purchased later this year.

Ronaldo stated that "my relationship with fans is very important to me, so the idea to bring unprecedented experiences and access through the NFT platform is something I wanted to be part of," Ronaldo added.

With 459 million Instagram followers, Ronaldo is the most followed person. He rose to international fame as a professional soccer player.

He is a five-time FIFA Player of the Year and has scored more than 770 goals during his career. He is also a billionaire at just 37 years of age.

Zoomph, a partnership analytics firm, shared the following: Ronaldo's Instagram and Twitter posts announcing Binance news received over 48 million impressions within one hour.

The news received a positive response from fans, although a few people were sceptical and called NFTs "scammy", "worthless crap," and "scammy".

Binance refused to comment on details of the deal with Decrypt.