Early Coinbase Angel Investors 'Crypto Is Worthless'

Despite earning millions in crypto, Liron Shapira says the emerging sector is "essentially useless" and "should be shut down completely." 

This is a view voiced by bulge bracket bank executives, FOMO investors who lost their lives savings due to risky gambles, and those who have fallen victim to fraudulent NFT projects.

As a developing bitcoin holder and an angel investor in Coinbase Shapira, he has placed himself as a unique individual 

Around 50% of the 34-year-old's net worth is derived through investments made in the field; he's also one of the crypto's most open critics.

Through the years, however, Shapira grew disillusioned with cryptocurrency. 

He describes it now as an industry that's full of "bloated minimally acceptable product (MVPs)," referring to projects that do not have a "logically consistent value prop story. 

"A majority of individuals on Twitter accused me of being like, "Wow, this guy's so angry about cryptocurrency. 

He's not seen the whole picture," Shapira said. '"No, I've secured the bag. I think that it's just a bit sucks."

"It's simply multilevel marketing, and the thing which is devaluing value is taking up everyone's time," Shapira said of cryptocurrency. 

"It's huge and clever people are beginning to get into it, so I'd love to see it go away." be around."