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ChromeOS 104 Now Rolling Out: See Two New And Big Updates

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Google's most recent version of ChromeOS is available for users now, and one of the new features is the ability to change from a light theme to a dark theme, as 9to5Google has reported.

Once covered up with developer flags during testing, it has finally made its official appearance in ChromeOS 104, following dark mode settings appearing more on various Google products.

In a blog post that explains the new update, Google claims that the dark theme will help users "read at the dark hours or in low lighting and help to reduce power consumption,"

while switching to a light theme will alter the entire interface and wallpaper to make it "bright and airy."

As of this point, ChromeOS only included a "Night Light" setting within its software that lets you view your screen at night by altering the tint of your screen.

ChromeOS 104 also comes with the "auto" setting that can automatically change the color scheme to light or dark tones based on the moment of the day, with wallpaper options that can shift subtly with it.

Here's how you can change your display theme in ChromeOS 104:

1. Go to Settings 2. Select Personalization 3. Select Set your wallpaper & style 4. Select Light, Dark, or Auto mode based on your preference

You can also access the Wallpaper & Style settings through your home screen by pressing your touchpad with two fingers and selecting the option.