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China Could Never Copy Elon Musk - See Viral Video 

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One man from China is making waves online. Reason? He resembles billionaire Elon Musk. 

Many social media users were shocked by the Tesla CEO's "doppelganger," as he is known on the internet.

It is again now viral and has been viewed more than 16,000,000 times. "Chinese Elon Musk" is the caption.

The video starts with the Chinese man smiling out of his Tesla car and saying, "Hi everyone, Elon Musk." Yilong Ma was identified by users.

"Lmao, after he said Elon Musk, he doesn't know what else he can say." 

"This version is supposed to be from Mars, not China," wrote one user.

Another user called it fake and told others that he claimed Mr. Musk wanted to meet him, but he refused.

Many journalists invited him for interviews, and he rejected them all.