China And India Had Agents Working For Twitter

On Tuesday, Twitter's ex-security chief said that there was at least one agent from China's intelligence agency on Twitter's payroll.

He also stated that the company had knowingly allowed the India to add agents to its roster, potentially giving these nations access to sensitive user data.

These were the troubling revelations made by Peiter "Mudge" Zatko (a respected cybersecurity expert who was also a whistleblower on Twitter) before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Zatko stated to lawmakers that the social media platform was plagued with weak cyber defenses that made it vulnerable to exploitation and exposed its users' privacy.

Zatko began his swear testimony by saying, "I am here today because Twitter's leadership is misleading the public and regulators, as well as its board of directors."

They don't know where their data is located, how it was obtained, and what it's worth.

So, it's not surprising that they cannot protect it," Zatko stated. "It doesn't matter who has keys if there aren't locks," Zatko said.

Twitter stated that its hiring process was "independent from any foreign influence" and that access to data is controlled through various measures, 

Including background checks, access controls, monitoring and detection systems, processes, and monitoring.