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ChatGPT Banned On WeChat

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OpenAI's ChatGPT was removed from the Chinese social media platform WeChat. 

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Without a VPN or a registered phone in another country, ChatGPT's web-based portal was not accessible from Hong Kong or mainland China. 

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An applet linking ChatGPT and WeChat was available for several weeks before the chatbot was launched.

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There were several tutorials on how to connect with ChatGPT on WeChat. 

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However, there were warnings about the potential dangers of doing so if Tencent or China decides to clamp down on ChatGPT access to the country.

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According to Chinese reports, Some WeChat accounts which provided details on ChatGPT access or screenshots of the AI program were entirely closed. 

The ChatGPT link displays this message:  It states that the service was suspended "because the content belongs to the platform's unopened scope," according to a translation.


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