Today's brainteaser challenges you to find the hidden cat in the below given image. Note: Hint and Answer is given in the last slides.

It might take a cat's eye to find the hidden cat. Take a look at the image very carefully.

People were stumped by the puzzle after it was shared across social media platforms.

It depicts a fairytale-style picture of a housewife cleaning her home with an old-fashioned straw broom.

One viewer said, "I've been staring at this for two days but not able to find."

Another participant said, "That took me far more than it should!" But I got there in the end.

HINT: You can tilt your head in the opposite direction or turn your phone clockwise. If you still face proble in finding it, check out the next slide for answer.

ANSWER: The outline of a cat is formed by the woman's head and arm and the drapes.