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Cardano Coming To World's Biggest DApp Store

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Lithuania-based platform DappRadar has added support for Cardano's popular blockchain, a proof-of-stake. 

The largest DApp store has asked developers developing Cardano to file their contracts.

The month of December was when DappRadar revealed its ERC-20 native token RADAR, which was designed to honour the community's existing members. 

Ten per cent of the initial supply was aired to customers and partners. 

The token was created to reward users who discover innovative applications on the blockchain that could enhance the store's value.

The token was notable for having no pre-sales, which set itself apart from most other cryptocurrency-related projects. 

DappRadar CEO and co-founder Skirmantas Januskas claimed that the company was looking to reward its users fairly. 

At present, DappRadar tracks more than 10,000 dApps on 30 protocols. The largest app store app that has more than a million customers. 

Since launching smart contracts around 1 year back, Cardano is yet to have its killer application similar to Uniswap.