We're here with another viral animal-based optical illusion that only 1% of people can solve.

In the below given viral image about the corneal calculus, illusion expert pas illusion says that only 1% of people can locate the second animal in the image.

This mind-melting image depicts a dolphin eating fish while a ship is in the distance. There is no other fauna visible.

However, the visual puzzle was a challenge for social media users. Many people mistakenly believed that the fish was the second.

Do you see another animal in the below given image? Hints and answer are given in the upcoming slides. 

Please look at the image carefully. Their is not time limit. So, take your time and try to find the second animal.

If you still face difficulty, we're here for you. Check next slide for "HINT"

HINT: Flip your phone upside-down to see Flipper eating fish and a flock of birds over the ocean.


The inverted tail and head of the dolphin are two distinct birds. Its head is reminiscent of a pelican with a fish in its mouth, and its water splashes remind it of its wings' tips. The rest of the flock consists of upside-down white caps from the ocean.

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