Can You Spot The Snake In This Optical Illusion in 72 Seconds?

Puzzle-lovers are trying to solve this illusion by straining their eyes. The goal is to find the serpent hidden in a peaceful tree.

Bright Side posted a YouTube clip of the visual puzzle, "Watch out for a snake around,"

The only ones who pass this Adam-esque eye exam are probably in rare group. 

Only the "1% most attentive" can find the snake in the five seconds allotted. Are you?

The photo appears to show a large tree in a jungle. The camera zooms in and reveals that the photo shows a brown snake perfectly camouflaged against tree roots in the lower right-hand corner.

HINT:  When it comes to solving this optical illusion, it helps to go back to your roots. Check the answer in the next slide.

ANSWER: Only 1% of people can find the serpent in five seconds or fewer. See the answer circled in the below given image.