Some optical illusions can double up as eye tests, which is a great way to kill boredom.

The creator challenged viewers to solve the illusion, claiming that only one percent of people could spot the hidden animal.

It seems that only one percent can find it. If you can, please share this with your friends by saying "I figured it out, Can you"?

Users scratched their heads trying to find answers. However, one user suggested that shaking the screen could reveal the hidden animal in the photograph.

Viewers claimed that the panda was not the only animal they saw in the photo. Something else is there too.

One user claimed that they saw a basketball match in the photo. Another suggested that they could also see two to three people with a ball in the air.

What about you?  Do you see Panda or Basketball or anything else?

Answer: Simply put your phone on your hand and look on the pic from your charging point or headphone jack.