The amazing outdoor mini-mural was created by PEJAC, a Spanish painter. It is located on a stone door outside an Aberdeen home.

The welcome mat hides an important question.

To spell out "Welcome", the finished piece features tiny figures dressed in dark clothing, such as those in an L. S. Lowry painting.

According to the artist, "This new artwork is dedicated to all those who have felt marginalized or stepped over by society."

They are a welcome mat that greets everyone who comes to them.

The multitude of tiny figures that make up this doormat come together to stand for every aspect of the welcome concept, the meaning of which has been increasingly hard to find recently.

'The message is one of dignity, understanding that those who have been pushed to the margins of society can recognise the importance of an open and heartfelt welcome more than anyone.

It shows the potential of people who have been discriminated against and, in some ways, stepped over by society and makes them proud and united.

According to the artist, the painting was made because the property is home to many charities and homes for socially excluded residents.

This art was created for the Nuart Festival 2022, which took place June 9-12. The theme of the festival was to reconnect the city with its citizens.