Today's brainteaser is a collection of colorful butterflies that will confuse you as you try to find the hidden caterpillar within one image.

It's sure to be fascinating for you. You will be compelled to search for the hidden caterpillar in this image.

Can You Spot The Hidden Caterpillar In The Image Within 25 Seconds? Take time and try to find out. You can also check hint and answer given in the last slide.

The image shows a tiny caterpillar among the butterflies. It has yet to receive wings. 

You can see if this caterpillar is crawling amongst the colorful butterflies. 

Are you able to spot caterpillar? Give one more try. Check out the next slide for a hint.

HINT: The caterpillar is located on the right-hand side of the image. Now try it out again. Verify and see your answer in the next slide.