Today's viral image continues the trend of optical illusion. It features another mind-bending image and challenges people to find all sevens.

What do you see in the optical illusion? Take time and look at it carefully.

You're among the top 1% if you can spot all sevens in this optical illusion image.

One of the TikTok artists shared this optical illusion and stated, "Only one percent of people can locate all the 7s in this image." Are you in the one percent, lets see..

Nick said that the image challenges people to find all the 7s but millions of people are unable to do it (people commented various answer but very few were true.)

It's not surprising that people are left scratching their heads because of this tricky image.

Many people predicted 17 7s. Others said that there were 28 7s in this viral image. What's your number? The answer is given in the next slide.

How many 7s can you see? The correct answer is 17 if we consider only 7. But if we consider Z as two 7s then answer will be something different.