Find a giraffe without a twin: Melissa Hogenboom says that you can see how reality is perceived by looking at optical illusions more closely.

Some illusions show that our brain can judge the size of objects nearby and that this can be altered.

Look at the image carefully and try "if you can find a giraffe without a twin".

Is there a giraffe without a twin? Is it on either the right or left side of the image? Is it in the middle of the picture?

Today's brain teaser has 19 giraffes. You have to find the one who doesn't have a twin. You should try it! It's fascinating.

Don't be discouraged if you are still unable to spot the giraffe without a twin.

It is something we acknowledge. Move ion to next slide to see the hint as well as answers.

Hint: The Giraffe is located in the second row from the bottom. If you still face difficulty, move on to next slide for answer.