In today's mind bending optical illusion, You have to find the answer of "How many people have gone camping in this picture?" 

It seems easy but it is not. What do you see in the below given image? Note: We've also revealed answer at the end.

Three males were on a camping trip, and each did their task. But the answer is not three. Look at the image carefully.

One person tendered to the fire, while another grabbed firewood from nearby. The third was able to hold a pot and a spoon.

Many people flocked to the comment sections of the video to share their thoughts.

Participants commented various numbers from 10, 29, 11, 9, 6, etc. Hint is given in the next slide.

HINT: Look carefully at the right side of the image.  If you still face difficulty in finding or wants to verify your answer, check out the nextslide.


Well, wherever you suspect the fourth person to be, four is the correct answer to this mind teaser.


Chart says 4 as well as their are our bowls, four spoons, and four cups.