Today's Optical Illusion You have to find word "Love" in the below given image in less than 41 seconds. (if you want to be a new record holder).

While it may take you a lifetime to find love, Gorgeous Cottages have hidden it in plain sight in this brain teaser.

Although all of the candy hearts in the image are written with words, only 1 contains the L-word.

Gorgeous Cottages claims that you will experience a sweet feeling of satisfaction, almost as good or better than true love, when you find your hidden love heart.

Are you able to find word Love? If not, check out for hints in the next slide. If you found it, please verify the answer from the last slide.

Hint is given in the next slide.

HINT: Try to focus on the right side of the picture.  If you still face problems, check out the answer from the next slide.