A perfectly camouflaged marksman is hiding somewhere in the hills and is ready to pull the trigger.

Today's Optical Illusion You've to find that hidden camouflaged marksman.

Simon Menner took the photo shown below. He was allowed to observe snipers with armies from Germany, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The below given image depicts trees, shrubs on a mountain and a nearly invisible soldier taking up a position using a high-powered rifle.

In some images - including the one given below - the sniper is only 30ft away but still very difficult to spot.

Did you spot that sniper? If not, Please take a look at the hint given in the next slide.

HINT: Look at the large bush at the center-left of the image. If you're in hurry, you can check the ANSWER in the next slide.

ANSWER Below is a follow-up picture that shows the sniper circled.