This optical illusion has been causing a stir online and driving eagle-eyed puzzle solvers crazy.

Today's Optical Illusion: Can you find the heart among the elephants within 20 seconds? If so, you could hold the record.

An optical illusion alters or confuses what you see in seconds. It's both tricky and challenging. This will be fascinating, but it will leave you scratching your head.

But what we see is not the same as reality. Sometimes illusions can make us see something completely different. 

The below shown optical illusion is causing quite a stir online and has driven puzzle-solvers crazy.

A loving heart is hidden amongst the pictures of elephants mingled in pen.

Did you spot the heart? It's harder than it seems. We've also revealed the answer and hint in the next slide.

Small HINT: The Heart Is Of Pink Color. If you found out, it's great. If not, see and  verify the answer from the next slide.