We want to thank everyone who participated in today's optical illusion image testing. 

Check out today's optical illusion image without wasting time. The challenge is that your brain won't let you see the fourth person in the picture. 

In the image below, you have 13 seconds to discover who holds the fourth bottle.

Here are some details to help you check the image once more. There is also a fourth person. 

This picture was uploaded online and showed Patrick Delvernois wearing an orange jacket and enjoying quality hiking time with his friends. 

The photo shows the hikers enjoying a glass of whiskey. After completing the Appalachians trek in the US, the group shares some alcohol in miniature bottles.

One does not notice extra men in an image when they first see it. Check out the next slide for a big hint ans asnwer as well.


If you have spot the hand before 11 seconds, you've best cognitive skills