Today's Optical Illusion Challenges you to find the rat from the below given image. If you'll be able to do it in less than 15 seconds, You're a new record holder.

Gergely Dudas (Hungarian author-artist) created this "seek and find" illustration. It depicts a maze filled with colourful mushrooms, with a tiny mouse peeking through one.

Some puzzle-solvers with keen eyes spotted the pip squeeze in just 15 seconds. However, others were left stumped by the mushroom maze.

Although optical illusions like this may be a distraction, they can also prove useful for scientists.

These brain teasers help scientists understand the mind's inner workings and how it reacts to the environment.

Did you spot the rat?  If yes, verify the answer from the last slide.  If not, Check out the hints from the next slide.

HINT: If you still have trouble seeing the cute little critter, look to the left side of the image. Now give it a try. If you're still facing problems, check out the answer from the next slide.