Looking at your phone can be a frantic feeling that we all share at some point.

This brainteaser will test your hide-and-seek skills as you race against the clock to find the hidden telephone.

ScS, a UK-owned furniture company, has created a series of brainteasers to challenge you to break impossible records.

SAS appealed to the all-too-familiar feeling of losing your smartphone in a chaotic image of a playroom with toys and a phone hidden within the chaos.

While the fastest time for solving this illusion is just 5 seconds, you can stay within the average if you locate the phone in under 15 seconds.

Are you able to find the phone in the below given optical illusion image? If not, Don't worry. We have covered hint and answer in the next slides.

HINT: It is not a cell phone. And It it available near to humans. Check and verify the answer in the next slide.