Can You Find 25 Animals In This Optical Illusion In 2 Minutes?

Start your stopwatch. The eerie optical illusion is a favorite among puzzle enthusiasts. Today, You've to spot 25 animals within the image in less than two minutes.

An unknown artist created the illusion that shows a man's head composed of more than twenty-six animals. 

The illusion is believed to be inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, a 16th-century artist) who famously created portrait heads entirely from fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Although the image circulated online for nearly a decade, it became viral on TikTok. One user claimed that puzzle solvers could make it to the top 0.01% of all animals spotted within the time limit of two minutes.

The elephant at the top is the most obvious, but a viewer will also be drawn to the obvious kangaroo or grizzly bear at the bottom.

The illusion's center is often spotted by a tiger, tortoise, horse, and white rabbit. But things get more complicated from there.

Although some TikTokers are skilled at identifying the 25 animals in the illusion, only a few can do so in less than two minutes.

Successful puzzle solvers can spot a turtle, an elephant, a duck, a fish, a snake, and a tortoise.

This image also features a whale, a kangaroo, a starfish, a horse, and a grasshopper. The image includes a tiger, monkey, bird, peacock, bear, and other animals.

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