You have likely seen many optical illusion in your life that have confused your mind. Let's see if you think you have seen all the mind-bogglers.

It seems simple to see two coworkers laughing and hugging, but it isn't. The image is difficult to see from a closer perspective.

Although it may seem obvious, people cannot identify which body is whom.

The caption to the picture was, "At first, I thought he was wearing high heels."

It appears that the man is wearing heels at first glance. What do you think? See the ANSWER given in the next slide.

You'll see the legs in the photo more clearly if you look closely. This isn't a problem. It is difficult to determine if the man sits in the chair while the girl leans over.

The image has left many people baffled. "Wait! Is he not wearing heels?" One user commented. Another user said, "I hate that picture."  ANSWER is given in the next slide.