NASA Perseverance Rover Finds Organic Matter On Mars

NASA scientists believe that the Perseverance Rover has collected some of NASA's most valuable samples while investigating the site of an ancient river delta.

Some of the samples collected recently include organic matter. 

This indicates that Jezero Crater once contained a lake and a delta that filled into it. 

It was likely that these environments were habitable 3.5 billion years ago.

Ken Farley (Perseverance project scientist, California Institute of Technology Pasadena) Stated

"The rocks we have been studying on the delta contain the highest amount of organic matter we have ever found on the mission."

The 18-month-old mission of the rover to find signs of ancient microbial activity on the red planet. 

Perseverance is required to collect rock samples that may have preserved these biosignatures. 

The rover currently contains 12 rock samples. The collection will be returned to Earth by a series of missions called Mars Sample Return.