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TikTok Admits Spying On Journalists

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According to ByteDance, employees of the Chinese tech giant incorrectly accessed data on the social media platform TikTok to track journalists and identify leakers to the media.

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TikTok has made great efforts to convince governments and customers in major markets such as the United States that their data privacy is secure and does not threaten national security.

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However, parent company ByteDance informed AFP Friday that several employees accessed two journalists' data as part of an internal investigation into possible leaks of company information.

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They had hoped for links between staff members, a Financial Times reporter, and a former BuzzFeed journalist. 

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An email sent by Erich Andersen, ByteDance's general counsel, was seen by AFP.

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Both journalists have previously reported on leaked company documents.

Andersen stated that none of the employees involved in the investigation remained employed at ByteDance...


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