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Buy 'Webb's First Deep Field' Image As A Dress -  James Webb Space Telescope

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James Webb Space Telescope's First Deep Field Katherine Dress is on Sale for $79.99

Webb's First Deep Field is a picture that captures an image filled with some of the most ancient galaxies scientists have ever seen.

This groundbreaking image is now being celebrated via fashion.

The full-colour, infrared First Deep Field photograph freezes a moment within the early universe. It is quickly becoming a favourite image around the globe.

Fashion brand Svaha launched a JWST-themed collection in a project that combined its two passions, science and clothes.

To accurately replicate these precise details and proportions, the JWST image was digitally printed on the dress' fabric (95% cotton, 5% lycra).

The style features short sleeves and a flared skirt that reaches the knee with pockets at the waist.

NASA's design is applied to the entire dress. The photo of the skirt and top are duplicated, with the mirror at the waistline.

All Webb's First Deep Field clothing items are available in sizes from XS to 5XL.

The dress can be preordered on the Svaha USA website. (opens in new tab). The top and cardigan are available for 44.99 USD each.

These dresses will be sent to those who have preordered them before September 2022.