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Buick to Buyout Dealers Who Don't Want to Sell Electric Vehicles

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Buick will buy out dealers that do not want to invest the required funds to switch to electric vehicles, The Wall Street Journal reports.

In an interview with WSJ, Global Buick chief Duncan Aldred said that

All 2000 Buick franchise dealers across the US would be offered the chance to opt for a buyout option.

By taking the buyout, the dealer is no longer associated with that Buick brand and will be unable ever to offer Buick automobiles. 

However, they will still be able to sell General Motors vehicles.

Buick is changing its name to EV-only to transition to 100% electric vehicles by the end of this decade. 

Dealers must invest significant money in upgrades such as chargers and EV-specific repair equipment.

This will fundamentally alter how dealers operate -Many dealers have expressed concerns about switching to EV sales.