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British Woman Fries Egg Under Sun To Show UK’s Heatwave

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Georgia Levy, a British woman from the UK, successfully cooked eggs in her garden this morning using just the Sun during the country's extreme heat wave.

Yesterday in the United Kingdom was the record-breaking temperature, over 40 ° Celsius.

Levy posted a video to tell her fans about the heat of placing a raw egg into an empty frying pan set on an unlit rock in the Sun for an entire hour. Skip few slides to see the video.

After an hour, the egg was cooked with ghee in the pan used for the fryer.

According to the Library of Congress, eggs require a temperature of around 70° Celsius to be cooked.

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Credits: georgia_levy_

However, Levy's video demonstrated that cooking eggs are possible at extreme temperatures.

Apparently, the woman's frying pan absorbed the heat well and the egg was cooked well enough.