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British Groom Slammed For Getting Married In Jeans And A T-shirt

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TikTok has roasted a man who married in jeans and a shirt.

A clip shared by the bride's friend has been viewed over 2 million times. 

The man is seen at the altar wearing skinny grey jeans and a Palm Angels shirt next to his future wife, who is wearing a beautiful white gown.

The clip was posted four days ago and has generated controversy in the comments section.

“You’ve seen the photos, she’s stunning and uh, he’s there,” one user quipped.

“That is sad look how beautiful she looks he couldn't even be bothered changing from the night before,” another said.

“This is a red flag about how much effort he's gonna put in this relationship. This is disrespectful and she just settle for that... sad,” one commenter wrote.