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This Country Bans Sales Of Apple iPhones And Fines 2 Million Dollars

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Apple is facing a massive fine from Brazilian's Ministry of Justice for the company's decision not to include an adapter for power with purchasing new iPhones.

Along with the penalty of R12.275 million ($2.34 million), the Ministry of Justice has ordered Apple to stop 12.275 million (~$2.34 million). 

The Ministry of Justice ordered Apple to cease sales of the entire range of iPhone models that do not come with the power adapter.

Apple stated a reaction to the ban and the fine. The company said it would attempt to address the concerns raised by Senacon,

The National Consumer Secretary (SENACON), an agency within the Ministry of Justice that decided on the fine.

The fine will not take effect, but it plans to take action should the Ministry determines that Apple has evaded the sales ban. 

The Ministry's motive for the fine and ban is that Apple sells an incomplete product, not including the charger. 

It has also been said that Apple hasn't demonstrated whether taking away the charger offered any environmental benefits.