Do you have the ability to spot someone in a crowd just a few feet away? If yes, then this optical illusion is for you. If not, still you should give it a try.

Don't underestimate the power of your ability to remove clutter from a crowd. It's possible to use it in a very useful way.

  Today's Optical Illusion It's a bunch of lemons hidden among a group of chicks. It's more difficult than it sounds. Hints and answers are given in the last slide.

  Today's Optical Illusion You have to find all the hidden lemons from the below given image.

Gergely Dudas, a Hungarian artist and illustrator created the visual puzzle shown below. 

Identifying the four lemons is much easier if you can spot one. It is important to see past the cute bird with big eyes and the snazzy bow-tied critter.

Hint: Instead, look at inconsistencies from a wider perspective of the image and focus on them.


How long did you take to find all the lemons? Did you see all of them? Or just a few? You aren't alone if you miss a couple. Some people managed to identify all five of them in less than a minute.