Can you find in which direction is the bus going? This brain puzzle is designed for people who love to play fun games and puzzles.

Brain teasers can make simple puzzles or riddles more interesting by using creative thinking.

These riddles can be solved only by thinking outside the box or with multiple perspectives.

Let's see who can find the right direction of the bus? Look at the image carefully and try to figure out.

This riddle should be solved within 20 seconds. Can you do it?

Unable to indentify? Don't worry, we've covered solution too. Check out the next slide for solution.

Brain Teaser Answer This brain puzzle will require you to determine if the bus is moving in either the right or left direction. As we can’t see the door in the image, which means that the bus is going in the “Right” direction and not the left (as per the Indian rules). 

This is true for countries like India and the UK that drive on the left side of a road. It would not work in countries operating on the right, such as the US. It will be opposite to this.