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Blockchain Platform Solana Hacked: Millions In Crypto Wiped Out From 8000 Crypto Wallets

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Another major cryptocurrency hack was reported on Wednesday by the popular blockchain platform Solana. 

An unknown bad actor had withdrawn funds from 7,767 Solana Network wallets. 

Blockchain security firm SlowMist claims that more than 8,000 wallets were robbed worth approximately $8 million.

This attack affected "hot" wallets that were always connected to the internet. They allow people to store and transfer tokens quickly.

"Engineers from several ecosystems are working with security firms to investigate the drained wallets on Solana. 

Solana stated that there is no evidence that hardware wallets have been affected. 

However, slope and Phantom wallets were affected by the exploit. Additionally, it appears that both mobile and extended users were also affected.

Do not reuse your seed phrase on a hardware wallet - create a new seed phrase," Solana advised.