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30+ Valuable Web3 Resources For Beginners, Intermediate And Experts (Don't Miss)!

Best Resources For Blockchain, Ethereum And Web3

Summary: Blockchain Demo is an attempt at demystifying the technology behind cryptocurrencies.

Resource No 1

Blockchain  Demo - Learn Blockchain Visually

Summary: An Educational Sandbox for Web3 Developers and Enthusiasts!

Resource No 2

Eth Build  (Learn Ethereum Visually)

Summary: Odyssey is a learning DAO on a mission to onboard the next 1 million people to web3.

Resource No 3

Odyssey - Web3 For Beginners

Summary: NFT School is an open-source project created by NFT experts for NFT learners.

Resource No 4

NFT School - Learn And Share About NFTs

Summary: The course at cryptozombies are beginners friendly and are available for free.

Resource No 5

Crypto Zombies - Learn To Code Ethereum DApps By Building Your Own Game

Summary: Learn Web3 by building  Ethereum Apps, NFTs, Decentralized Autonomous Orgainzations, etc

Resource No 6

Buildspace - Web3 Projects For All

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