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Bitcoin Mining Consumes Less Energy Than Gaming - Report

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In a report from Arcane Research, while the BTC mining energy consumption has increased significantly over the last few years, 

The business is still a tiny portion of the total. Presently, Bitcoin miners are utilizing energy at about 100 TWh per annum. 

This is about 0.06 percent of the globe's total energy needs, a tiny amount. 

Here's a graph (in the next slide) showing how BTC mining is compared to other industries that require energy on Earth.

In the graph, you will see that the video gaming industry consumes 105 TWh every year,  which is just a little more than the amount that BTC miners consume. 

Gold mining, on the other hand, needs more energy since its energy consumption is around 244 TWh, nearly 2.5x BTC mining needs.

The chart also contains data on the production of paper, which requires 2,361 tonnes of water annually, 

10 times the amount required by Gold mining and more than 24 times BTC mining. 

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