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Binance To Close Eth And WEth Deposits And Withdrawals 

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The cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced on Monday that it would stop the withdrawals and deposits of

Ethereum (ETH), as well as wrap Ethereum (WETH) across specific networks beginning September 6th, at 2 am (UTC) to prepare for Ethereum's Merge event.

The company, in its announcement, provided a list of the tokens and networks that are expected to be affected during the Merge,

Including Ethereum (Arbitrum) as well as ETH (OP) as well as WETH (RON). 

The company said the deposits made to Ethereum (ETH) or wrapped Ethereum (WETH)

That are made on these networks during the suspension will not be recognized, 

And the affected users will not be eligible for "forked credits for tokens in the event of a split in the chain."

The suspension of the transaction on named networks is expected to continue until the Merge is completed. 

According to Binance, the move is carried out to "secure the distribution of forked tokens in the event of a split in the chain."